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  1. I am working with After the Battle on a new book entitled RAF Coastal Command Bases, Then and Now and looking for help on Warmwell.

    I have a copy of Anthony Cooke’s excellent book but would like to visit, ideally with someone who has time to accompany me so I make sure I find the various remaining structures and sites.

    I have a site plan and several WWII photos which we are to emulate for the book.

    If you have any suitable photos which we could use and take a ‘now’ photo it would be extremely helpful.

    I hope you can help; I am a bona fide airfield historian, researcher and author.


    Aldon Ferguson

    Mob 079 121 48938

    • Hello Mr Ferguson

      My apologies for the delay in posting your comment. You may like to visit our Facebook page and post a request on there as well..??

      It seems to have quite a few people visiting so it may be helpful…

      Again my apologies for the delay…

      Bye for now

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