P-38 WARMWELL 1944

Hello friends of Warmwell,

We are hoping beyond hope to locate a picture of a certain P-38 that flew 32 missions out of Warmwell including air cover for the D-day invasion. The number of the plane is 224 and has F5 on the booms and black squares on the tail fins indicating the 428th fighter squadron/474th fighter group.

The pilot was shot down over France July 6th and hidden by the Resistance until liberation. The pilot was 1st Lt. James Shaw Frederick, my brother in laws father. My brother in law, Scott, knew nothing of his fathers experience during the war until 3 years ago. It was never talked about.P38 Warmwell - logo

An amazing story has unfolded since. We have recovered parts of the P-38 and the FW190 that shot him down from the crash site in France. We now have the very Mae West Jim was shot down in (long interesting story). THE ONLY THING WE LACK IS AN ACTUAL PICTURE OF Jim’s P-38.

The number on the nose is 224 and the nose art says “Ho Hum”.

Perhaps somewhere in a Warmwell archive lies a picture or film.  ANY HELP IN LOCATING a picture of this plane WOULD BE A GOD-SEND.



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        Ceremony in tribute to P-38 pilot of 428th FS, will take place in
        France on 31 Aug 2014.
        Contact : dukw@laposte.net

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