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Any personal information provided for the purposes of communication with us is safe and never used for any other purpose.

We never ask for any information that we don’t need in order to communicate with you. Your personal information (name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) is never shared with any third party for any reason.

We never send unsolicited commercial email (SPAM) to our customers using their email address.

Your personal information is completely safe and confidential when you do business with the RAF Warmwell Preservation Group


Whilst every effort has been taken to add credits and names to photographs and documents, it is inevitable that some elements may be mistakenly labelled or named. We apologise in advance for any mistakes and are quite happy to revise any information on this site, should any mistakes be found. Please contact us by emailing Finding the Time

The nature of the World Wide Web is such that external links are not under our control and with this in mind, we cannot be responsible for content supplied within these links. We check all links before they are added to our site, but it is quite feasible that links can change or be removed from the web.

We reserve the right to remove any links, should they be deemed unsuitable for any reason.

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