Site Moved and in its new home

Here we go again! Every now and then something occurs and you have to move a website!

Thank you very much for your patience and I hope we will not have to move again!

It can be a real pain to do unless you know what you’re doing. With me – I do NOT know the other way, or the original way to move a WordPress database and site. Well, I do, but it can go wrong….and has in the past. So for some time now since WordPress has become a staple site structure in my web business, I have looked for a quick and relatively simple way to make it happen.

With the best will in the world these sites can also go wrong and they do! An update with a plugin or the WordPress site coding that finds a conflict somewhere and you have a blank page!

The need to regularly back up the content and database for a site like this is paramount – and with Backup Buddy – a very simple process.

With the number of readers we have here I wanted to make sure that this latest move went smoothly.

Well, thanks to the good ol’ Backup Buddy we can move wherever we wish and leave the original site in place til we’re ready.

If you know anyone who uses WordPress and needs to have a backup system that really DOES work well – let them know about the link to Backup Buddy there and just let them see if it will help them.

If you have a comment – please do add below or pop in to the contact page and have a rant!

Bye for now and have an excellent week….

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