Visit to site of RAF Warmwell

Dear Mike, firstly may I wish you a Happy Christmas!
Sorry to trouble you but the link to purchase the Reflections of RAF Warmwell book from your site goes to Amazon, which is currently out of stock; hence I would appreciate any information you might be able to provide in the absence of an opportunity to make a purchase.

My friend and I are planning on cycling around Dorset later this year, visiting places with an interesting history specific to World War 2. We are intending on stoping off at Crossways, albeit we appreciate that there is little remaining of the original RAF base to view. However, I would be very grateful if you would be good enough to give us any pointers that might help us pick out anything relevant/interesting, and would love to at least try to get some sense of what it must have been like at such a crucial time in our recent history.

We are keen but relative novice amateur historians, relying on enthusiasm and our bikes to breath in some of the history of the area. Any suggestions or info greatly appreciated!

Tim F

(email address supplied – Mikedf)

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