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A Ghostly Story: THIS HAPPENED AT WARMWELL R.A.F. — 2 Comments

  1. hi I can’t see if there has been any other reply’s to this post so I may be saying what has already been said.
    since summer last year I have started taking pictures of the remains of ww2 buildings around the local area which includes Warmwell,
    while I have been researching what is around and what I have found I came across this story and found it very interesting so thought I would try to look in to it,
    I have the 1946 maps of the airfield and have tried to pin point the area of the crash but with no start point this is tricky but going on just what was said of directions walked I think I have now done this,
    I also believe the pilot that crashed that morning was sgt Howlett,
    so at lest this part of the story is true,
    people have their own views on ghost stories but I tend to believe this one,
    thought I should pass on what I have found

  2. Many thanks Mark

    I’m afraid I had ommitted to add the Latest Comments and posts to the column – please take a look and see what has appeared now…

    Many thanks for your input here…

    Bye for now

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