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ACW2 Honor HASSETT, 424890, killed April 2nd 1941 — 11 Comments

  1. I have just noticed your query regarding ACW2 Honor Hassett killed at RAF Warmwell.

    My Uncle LAC Arthur Challen was killed on April 1st 1941 when 2 German Aircraft Sneaked in to bomb the airfield. My uncle was a Spitfire fitter and he was in the workshop hanger.

    He had ACW,s working with him and when the bombs started to fall he shoved on ACW under the heavy workbench and dived in as well. Unfortunately the next bombs hit the hanger and he was killed along with others.

    I have been told that the lack of warning was due to the Control Tower, we’re waiting for aircraft from the Americans and thought that the Aircraft were friendlies but turned out to be German.

    Was your subject a Aircraft Fitter?



    • My father, Kenneth Holloway, was also a fitter who suffered serious burns to his hands & face during the attack on 1 April 1941 (aged 20).

      He was in a workshop at the time of the attack & understand he was saved by a colleague who dragged him out & covered him with sand.

      He was treated I think at the Burns unit at Odstock Hospital & following his recovery returned to active service again.

      So saw service just after the D day Landings travelling through Arromanches, Normandy & then onto Brussels.

      He remained as an aircraft engineer after the war with Flight Refuelling, from 1948 (taking part in the Berlin Airlift) until his retirement at the age of 64.

      • Hello Tina

        MANY thanks for your comment here. The stories we have heard over the years have been excellent to see and read.

        Do let us know if you receive any responses to this pice you have added!

        Bye for now


  2. Hello Rick

    Thank you for the reply, and the information about the raid.

    I’ve no further information about ACW2 Hassett, but by the date of the raid, and the subsequent date of her death, it would seem likely that she died as a consequence of the German attack.

    I’ll let you know if I find anything further.



  3. That was my great aunt, and it certainly has been the family oral history that was the case.

    In fact, we have been told she was the first woman to killed in active service. Furthermore, their parish priest refused to officiate at the funeral because she was a woman who died in active service (not the done thing) and the army wanted her to have military funeral, which she did have.



    • Hello Gillian

      Many thanks for your comment here – it never ceases to amaze me when these little gems come in!

      Thank you SO much for your comment and it is comments and thoughts from people like you keep this site alive and yes – really appreciate you getting in touch!

      Many thanks and do please let us know if you get any responses!

      Bye for now


  4. I was referring to this attack for someone else and came across this page and see that my sister Tina Holloway has added the information about my father.

    Good to see sites like this, as we must not let these memories fade away.

    • Hello Philip

      MANY thanks for your comment here. The stories we have heard over the years have been excellent to see and read.

      Totally agree regarding keeping the memory of RAF Warmwell alive. There is VERY little of the airfield left now…..

      Bye for now


  5. I’m searching out some family history, and as I noted above, Honor was my great aunt. The family believes that she may have been the first woman to die in WAAF active service but we are unsure if that is just in the district or country or indeed of if it is true at all. Does anyone know where I can find information about WAAF women who died in active service? She definitely had a military funeral.

    • I’m definitely interested, if you could send me the link. Honora Hassett, who was one of those that died, was my great aunt. I am writing a book about her.

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