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  1. I am working with After the Battle on a new book entitled RAF Coastal Command Bases, Then and Now and looking for help on Warmwell.

    I have a copy of Anthony Cooke’s excellent book but would like to visit, ideally with someone who has time to accompany me so I make sure I find the various remaining structures and sites.

    I have a site plan and several WWII photos which we are to emulate for the book.

    If you have any suitable photos which we could use and take a ‘now’ photo it would be extremely helpful.

    I hope you can help; I am a bona fide airfield historian, researcher and author.


    Aldon Ferguson

    Mob 079 121 48938

    • Hello Mr Ferguson

      My apologies for the delay in posting your comment. You may like to visit our Facebook page and post a request on there as well..??

      It seems to have quite a few people visiting so it may be helpful…

      Again my apologies for the delay…

      Bye for now

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  2. I am researching into the life of Aircraftman Wilfred Wright who died in RAF hospital Warmwell on 4th January 1940. Can anybody help me find out information about him.

    • Many thanks for your request here – I will set that out and see if you get any responses.

      Do you also know about the Facebook page we have? Click here IF you are on Facebbook and see if anyone there might know – I will post it for you..

      Many thanks again – posts / requests and comments keep the memories alive. Especially now as the old airfield is likely to be built on soon I think…….

      Bye for now


  3. Hello,
    I am trying to trace a patrcular aircraft, Spitfire P8394. I understand it joined 152 Squadron at RAF Warmwell in July 1941.
    Do you know if any records exist, and if so where I can access
    Many thanks

  4. Hello to Mr. Anthony COOKE.

    We are friends with some residents of LAVAL in France who are members of a French Airforce Association called ‘ Amicale Mayennaise de L’Armee de l’Air’. We have been asked by the current President (Claude Mathieu – ( if there is an equivalent Association near us (Weymouth) who might be interested in twinning with them. My wife’s father was killed near Laval on 10 June 1944 !! on a mission to damage the Laval airfield which was still being used to attack our advancing troops further North)

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