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  1. I was reading a book about Pierre Closterman,French fighter ace who was shot down twiceand each time he said “Oh well back to Warmwell”. It was the only reference to Warmwell,I am interested to find why he would have to go back to Warmwell.

    Very nice site,thank you

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  2. Have autograph book form November 1943 to 1944 relating to Warmwell Air Base. How do we get this to you. We are in Aberdeen

  3. Me and a couple of members of friends and family were wondering. Where exactly the Warmwell airfield was. We’ve been out and had a look and can’t find any trace. We have paid our respects to the fallen at Warmwell church. The graves and suroundings are well kept. They have paid the greatest price for us and we are grateful. It would be great if there were plaques at all the airfields or sites of. We are in particular interested in the Battle of Britain. We are going to a publc talk tomorrow at 7.30 at The Sandbanks Hotel. The subject this tme Hurn Airport the history of. I intend to purchase The Warmwell book and learn more about the brave hero’s.
    With kind regards Rod’ Wood.

    • Hello Mr Wood

      MANY thanks for your email and going thro’ my website to ask this question. Well – it is also a bit of a good question, as it were!! There is very little of the original airstation left as I understand it.

      I have a plan to go to an arae of woodland to the west of the actual station area as I seem to recall there are some remnants of old nissans and open air fighter plane “stands”. However it’s been a while since I went there and I KNOW a lot of gravel pit activity in the area has happened.

      I’m afraid I can’t really enlarge more than that unless we can find someone else who knows more….

      I agree with your sentiments re the station and the men and women who were stationed there. However it seems “progress” has taken a lead…

      I hope you enjoy your talk at Sandbanks, regarding Hurn Airport….

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  4. I am a researching my Uncle 2 Lt Oliver Berg, May have been in this. He was in the 428th FS of the 474th FG. Any knowledge of that? Sincerely, Becky (Berg) Person

    • MANY thanks Becky. Commenting here is an excellent way to start looking for information.
      I’ve emailed some more information to you that could be useful for using this website…
      Do let us know if you hear anything!
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  5. As regards to the location of warmwell as a child my gram lived at crossways next to the old airfield. if on your next visit if you take the road from dorchester passing through west stafford although the road layout has changed recently leaving west stafford behind you , carry on till you go over a level crossing about a mile after this crossing you will see a house on your left it has a flat roof that used to be the control tower for the aerodrome looking to the right at that point was the airfield , i fear the air field might have been built on since its a while i ve been to crossways

    • Hello and thanks for your comment Mr(?) Mitcham. That house is still there if I’m on the right track, but the old station is now a quarry and refuse pit area now…
      How it would appear to you now – well, probably quite unrecognisable…

      Many thanks


  6. The killed german Pilot Julius Mangerich was a cousin of my mother. I gues my mother “loved”
    him and she spoke a lot of him. It is a bit strange to read about him and hving heard a lot of stories during my childhood.


  7. Hi there
    My dad, Sq. Ldr. RC Pocock (1918-2007), was stationed at RAF Old Sarum from 1940-42 and remembered that one day a German ME-110 flew over and shot down an unarmed trainer, Hawker Hart. The British pilot’s ‘chute did not open and he was killed. The German plane was also shot down later, apparently.

  8. Recommend 263 and 137 Squadrons – The Whirlwind Years, by Robert Bowater.
    Farewell is heavily featured in this excellent and very well researched book.
    Kind regards – Steve, Director – Action Stations

  9. hi I can’t see if there has been any other reply’s to this post so I may be saying what has already been said.
    since summer last year I have started taking pictures of the remains of ww2 buildings around the local area which includes Warmwell,
    while I have been researching what is around and what I have found I came across this story and found it very interesting so thought I would try to look in to it,
    I have the 1946 maps of the airfield and have tried to pin point the area of the crash but with no start point this is tricky but going on just what was said of directions walked I think I have now done this,
    I also believe the pilot that crashed that morning was sgt Howlett,
    so at lest this part of the story is true,
    people have their own views on ghost stories but I tend to believe this one,
    thought I should pass on what I have found

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        Stories and Memories

        Ceremony in tribute to P-38 pilot of 428th FS, will take place in
        France on 31 Aug 2014.
        Contact :

  11. That is not my video above. No idea where it came from or how to edit or remove it. I have some interesting things to contribute regarding Warmwell but this has become a bulky website to work within. Any help out there?

  12. My Mum was at Warmwell (WAAF) and was an RT Operator there from 40 to I think 1943 when she was moved up to North Berwick. Her name was Helen Laird. Her Job was to listen for strays and lost aircraft and bring them back. She used to tell me stories of Johnny Johnstone and Ginger Lacey (his Bounce Spit is at High Wycombe airfield and still flies, I was astonished when I came across it).

    She kept a scrap book of grateful officers pilot wings who she brought home safely. I would like to be re-united with that if anyone knows where it is? It vanished mysteriously just be fore she was posted.

    She taught me morse code too!! What a Mum!

    A few who didn’t make it are buried at the church nearby, One woman, an auxiliary pilot, was killed when a hangar door was blown of by a bomb the day she arrived, she told me about it and I found her in this cemetery in 2012, Imagine that.

    So many stories. Kept a boy enthralled for years, if you knew her do get in touch!! I would love to hear from you.

    • PAUL!! That is a wonderful comment to add to this site… My apologies for just realising it is there.

      If you have any further information, we’d love to hear about it…. Pictures? If you have any you’d like to share, please do and also our Facebook page is open for as much as you like to add

      Many thanks again Paul


  13. I have just noticed your query regarding ACW2 Honor Hassett killed at RAF Warmwell.

    My Uncle LAC Arthur Challen was killed on April 1st 1941 when 2 German Aircraft Sneaked in to bomb the airfield. My uncle was a Spitfire fitter and he was in the workshop hanger.

    He had ACW,s working with him and when the bombs started to fall he shoved on ACW under the heavy workbench and dived in as well. Unfortunately the next bombs hit the hanger and he was killed along with others.

    I have been told that the lack of warning was due to the Control Tower, we’re waiting for aircraft from the Americans and thought that the Aircraft were friendlies but turned out to be German.

    Was your subject a Aircraft Fitter?



    • My father, Kenneth Holloway, was also a fitter who suffered serious burns to his hands & face during the attack on 1 April 1941 (aged 20).

      He was in a workshop at the time of the attack & understand he was saved by a colleague who dragged him out & covered him with sand.

      He was treated I think at the Burns unit at Odstock Hospital & following his recovery returned to active service again.

      So saw service just after the D day Landings travelling through Arromanches, Normandy & then onto Brussels.

      He remained as an aircraft engineer after the war with Flight Refuelling, from 1948 (taking part in the Berlin Airlift) until his retirement at the age of 64.

      • Hello Tina

        MANY thanks for your comment here. The stories we have heard over the years have been excellent to see and read.

        Do let us know if you receive any responses to this pice you have added!

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  14. Hello Rick

    Thank you for the reply, and the information about the raid.

    I’ve no further information about ACW2 Hassett, but by the date of the raid, and the subsequent date of her death, it would seem likely that she died as a consequence of the German attack.

    I’ll let you know if I find anything further.



    • John – My Apologies for the late posting of your comment here – I really hope someone gets in touch, please let us know when they do?

      If you would like to pass on the photos I will add them in on the site as a slide show for you – credit and contact details added if you wish…..

      Again – my apologies for the (VERY) late reply….

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  15. Hi,
    I live on Portland, I found the website for you that I have attached.We used to have the Air Force here in the 50’s.
    I work on the Free Portland News (the islands newspaper) If you would like to find out more, about people or places I would be more than happy to put a request in the paper.

    • Hello Sammy

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      Mike Finding

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      Aortic Aneurism – Prevention Worked!

      The FULL Story.

  16. I am working with After the Battle on a new book entitled RAF Coastal Command Bases, Then and Now and looking for help on Warmwell.

    I have a copy of Anthony Cooke’s excellent book but would like to visit, ideally with someone who has time to accompany me so I make sure I find the various remaining structures and sites.

    I have a site plan and several WWII photos which we are to emulate for the book.

    If you have any suitable photos which we could use and take a ‘now’ photo it would be extremely helpful.

    I hope you can help; I am a bona fide airfield historian, researcher and author.


    Aldon Ferguson

    Mob 079 121 48938

    • Hello Mr Ferguson

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  17. Hi I live on the west side of the old airfield and have lived here for 47 years.

    I remember as a child walking along the old runways and me and my brothers going in and out of all the tunnels and passages that run threw the woods.

    Over the years I have seen the destruction of the buildings although at present some still remain in the woods, I walk the woods every morning with the dog and more recently have tried to imagine what it was like 70 odd years ago.

    There are still initials carved on the trees, although now the land has been sold to a big holiday company so I don’t know how long they will survive.

    For anybody who lost or had family there at present these woods are loved

    • Hello and many thanks for your comment here on our site.

      It’s a while since I walked those woods and I recall seeing the old huts and open parking areas for the aircraft.

      Glad to have you on here and if you have any old photos to add – please do wither register to post or email them over to and I’ll post them on your behalf…

      Many thanks

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  18. Hello, I am the son of Michel Lecoq, who had restored you the rifle, glenn. I sends you a sad to tell you that my dad died suddenly this summer. He was 60 years old. Cordially Julien Lecoq

    • Many thanks for your comment here Julien.

      I think I would be “speaking” for all who visit this site that we send our condolences at this time.

      It is interaction that people like yourself create here and a couple of other sites we have that keep the sites interesting and relevant as time goes by.

      Many thanks


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  19. Hello. I live in a house overlooking the Ww2 airfield. Recently noticed workers demolishing one of the old Hangers. Any ideas what the outcome will be?

    • Hello Ken

      I’m afraid I have no idea what is likely to heppen there – I drove by a couple of weeks ago and saw the hangers still in place.
      I DID wonder what may be happening but was pleased to see them still there..

      Many thanks for your comment, if you hear anything perhaps you’ll update us?

      Bye for now


  20. I am researching into the life of Aircraftman Wilfred Wright who died in RAF hospital Warmwell on 4th January 1940. Can anybody help me find out information about him.

    • Many thanks for your request here – I will set that out and see if you get any responses.

      Do you also know about the Facebook page we have? Click here IF you are on Facebbook and see if anyone there might know – I will post it for you..

      Many thanks again – posts / requests and comments keep the memories alive. Especially now as the old airfield is likely to be built on soon I think…….

      Bye for now


  21. Hello,
    I am trying to trace a patrcular aircraft, Spitfire P8394. I understand it joined 152 Squadron at RAF Warmwell in July 1941.
    Do you know if any records exist, and if so where I can access
    Many thanks

  22. I am a newly arrived resident of Oakland’s Park,Crossways. As a now retired aircraft engineer in both the RAF and civvie street I find it quite moving to be living on and in sight of so much WW2 history.

    I have been trying to find some way of joining (if it still exists) RAF Warmwell Preservation Society.

    I would very much appreciate your advice on this.



    • Hello Alan

      MANY thanks for getting in touch and I am glad to hear that you are in the area – I can totally understand your feelings about the area – the history of the place is quite amazing.

      I ALSO have no idea about the RAF Warmwell Preservation Society’s state of affairs. I was asked years ago to set up this website and all contacts seem to have drifted away now. We DO have a Facebook page – if you are on there? Click here to see what is there and do post questions and see what happens – please do let us know what happens?

      There may well be locals who will know more than I and I also recall a memorial area in Crossways…

      I would appreciate it if you let us know if you get any responses

      Bye for now


  23. Thanks so much for your research and sharing.

    Major Earl C. Hedlund was my father. Remarkable story.

    Those guys had nerves of steel.

    • Hello Roger

      Many thanks for your comment here – I cannot take the credit for the research – that was started by the gentleman who wrote a book about the station.

      Unfortunately – it’s no longer in print.

      Comments and thoughts from people like you keep this site alive and yes – they DID have nerves of steel….

      Many thanks and do please let us know if you get any responses!

      Bye for now


  24. That was my great aunt, and it certainly has been the family oral history that was the case.

    In fact, we have been told she was the first woman to killed in active service. Furthermore, their parish priest refused to officiate at the funeral because she was a woman who died in active service (not the done thing) and the army wanted her to have military funeral, which she did have.



    • Hello Gillian

      Many thanks for your comment here – it never ceases to amaze me when these little gems come in!

      Thank you SO much for your comment and it is comments and thoughts from people like you keep this site alive and yes – really appreciate you getting in touch!

      Many thanks and do please let us know if you get any responses!

      Bye for now


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  26. Julien, I am sorry to hear about your dad. Glenn Goodrich was my mom’s cousin and it warms my heart each time I read or hear this story. We are forever grateful for you, for your dad, and for all the entire town has done to remember our cousin.

    Many warm regards,
    Dawn Collins

  27. I was referring to this attack for someone else and came across this page and see that my sister Tina Holloway has added the information about my father.

    Good to see sites like this, as we must not let these memories fade away.

    • Hello Philip

      MANY thanks for your comment here. The stories we have heard over the years have been excellent to see and read.

      Totally agree regarding keeping the memory of RAF Warmwell alive. There is VERY little of the airfield left now…..

      Bye for now


  28. My grandson was 3 years old he said to his parents (my son) I was a pilot before you were born and said his name was John Sinclair Bucknall Jones.

    Said his plane crashed, every August tells more about his life and said Mrs Jones comes to visit him sometimes before he goes to sleep.

    What is amazing his mum found an old fashioned hair clip in his bedroom what worried my son was for about a week he wouldn’t answer to his name just said my name is John but that seems to have passed.

    He’s now nearly 11 but his teachers and friends remark about him says he’s an older man in a young boys body.

  29. I’m searching out some family history, and as I noted above, Honor was my great aunt. The family believes that she may have been the first woman to die in WAAF active service but we are unsure if that is just in the district or country or indeed of if it is true at all. Does anyone know where I can find information about WAAF women who died in active service? She definitely had a military funeral.

  30. Hello to Mr. Anthony COOKE.

    We are friends with some residents of LAVAL in France who are members of a French Airforce Association called ‘ Amicale Mayennaise de L’Armee de l’Air’. We have been asked by the current President (Claude Mathieu – ( if there is an equivalent Association near us (Weymouth) who might be interested in twinning with them. My wife’s father was killed near Laval on 10 June 1944 !! on a mission to damage the Laval airfield which was still being used to attack our advancing troops further North)

    • I’m definitely interested, if you could send me the link. Honora Hassett, who was one of those that died, was my great aunt. I am writing a book about her.