Ok. I have several people who MAY want to contribute some information to this site – the site is open to Register here as Contributors. Let’s hope we can make this work!!

As Contributors you can login to write posts and these posts will be set into a queue and “moderated” by myself and my “crew”!

I can’t think of ANY reason a post on here will NEED moderating – it’s just the way this system works….just in case!! Once a contributor has posted, I believe further posts will go straight through.

Once registered to post and logged in, you will be taken to a page with a link on the left to Posts >> Add New…. Click that link and do just that!

You will also be able to View but not alter existing posts. Your post will be at the top of the list until the next one is added – the list WILL grow and we all look forward to seeing this happen.

Thank you and happy posting.

Your stories ARE important and someone out there may well be very interested.

Many thanks

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  1. I was reading a book about Pierre Closterman,French fighter ace who was shot down twiceand each time he said “Oh well back to Warmwell”. It was the only reference to Warmwell,I am interested to find why he would have to go back to Warmwell.

    Very nice site,thank you

    • John – THANK you for adding this comment. I have also added it to the blog / diary area – it will be interesting to see if anyone comments.
      If you were to register HERE and add any other post comments that you think might be of interest…
      Many thanks again…

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